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You already know that the future of finance is onchain; blockchain tech is transforming financial markets: equities, private funds, insurance, carbon credits and more. Solana’s fast, scalable and decentralized network is the perfect match for your Real World Asset (RWA) startup.

Superteam UAE has partnered with Hub71+ Digital Assets, a specialist ecosystem by Hub71 Abu Dhabi, dedicated to unleashing the disruptive potential of Web3. By joining this ecosystem, you will benefit from Hub71’s network of leading regional and global partners, and take advantage of Abu Dhabi’s progressive regulatory environment, offering a world-class blockchain and virtual asset infrastructure. 

Join us in Abu Dhabi!

In-kind & cash incentives including housing, office space & health insurance

Access a favorable regulatory environment for operations through Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

Engage with Hub71’s corporate partners providing you with market access

Gain access to Hub71’s 40+ capital partners to unlock investment opportunities

10-year UAE Golden Visa

Why UAE for RWAs

// 3 reasons why you should come to UAE for RWAs

Wide Range of Tokenisable Assets

Whether you’re dealing with real estate, commodities, or unique collectibles, UAE is home to the most rich and diverse range of Real World Assets that can be tokenised

Friendly and Progressive Regulations

Thrive with UAE’s blockchain-ready regulations. Our experience and network enhances growth in the UAE’s innovative economy.

High Capital and Talent Density

Access UAE’s concentrated capital and expert talent for Real World Assets on Solana. Accelerate growth in a community that values innovation and efficiency.

Why Solana for RWAs?

Solana is exceptionally well-suited for Real-World Assets (RWAs) for several reasons:

High Performance
Solana offers trading with extremely low fees, faster settlements, and a high transaction rate per second (TPS), all within a single shared global state.

Rich Ecosystem
There is a robust ecosystem featuring battle-tested Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) with over $20 billion in monthly volumes, and more than 15 RWA projects are already building on Solana.

Advanced Native Token Standards
Solana stands out as one of the few blockchains with native token standards, such as the SPL Token Extensions, which are particularly well-suited for RWAs. These standards offer features like transfer hooks and confidential transfers, enabling permissioned tokens on a permissionless network

RWA Projects on Solana

Here are some of the most prominent projects on Solana

Connecting you with distinctive investors

Access to Market

Partnering with corporate and government entities to facilitate commercial opportunities

Access to Talent

Partnering with academic institutions to support entrepreneurship

Access to Capital

Partnering with angel investors, VC funds, family offices and institutional investors to unlock investment opportunities

Access to New Geographies

Partnering with like-minded players to ease access to international geographies


Hub71 is a global tech ecosystem of startups, investors, corporate trailblazers and future focused government entities. We connect out-of-the-box thinkers with the resources, capital, commercial opportunities, and mentorship they need to bring their visionary ideas to life and unleash their full potential.

High Performance, Rich Ecosystem, Advanced Native Token Standards make Solana the best chain for RWAs

You can read more about the RWA landscape on Solana.

Regulators in the UAE are actively working to regulate Real-World Assets (RWAs) within their jurisdiction. Real-World Assets in the UAE, such as real estate, commodities, and green financing, present significant opportunities for tokenization.

Interestingly, Coinbase, through its Asset Management Arm, has initiated Project Diamond. This project leverages Coinbase Prime’s custody service, the exchange’s Web3 crypto wallet, USDC, and the layer-2 network Base to establish an RWA capital marketplace. The platform has received in-principle approval from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). This development underscores the regulators’ interest in attracting more RWAs to the UAE and establishing a regulatory framework for them.

We are impact-makers. We are driven by an unshakable determination to bring to life transformative ideas that will change the world – and we strive to bring together others who share this ambition. Together, we are committed to boosting Abu Dhabi’s flourishing technology sector, making the city the world’s leading innovation hub.

Solana hosts a wide range of RWAs, ranging from Tokenised T-bills (Ondo and Maple Finance), Real Estate (Homebase, Parcl, and Liquidprop), Physical Goods (BAXUS and CollectorCrypt), Private Credit (Credix), and stablecoins like Paxos, Circle, ISC, GMO Trust, and Tether.

Sector Agnostic. All types of RWA Tokenisation startups are welcomed to apply.


If you’re interested in becoming a part of our growing ecosystem, you can apply now here.


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